Therapeutic Facial Treatments

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Therapeutic Facial Treatment

With advanced technology combined with a top skin care line and experienced technicians, you will get amazing instant results. We found the best combination of fighting dull, tired and uneven aging skin.

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Medical Acid Peel

The Acid Peel creates a deep and rapid exfoliation so that the skin care products added after will have a clean, free path of penetration. It smooths fine lines, minimizing acne scarring and black heads. It also helps reduce the darkened skin pigment.

The advanced medical facial peel stimulates cell renewal for a brighter, refined surface.

Price: $118

Package of 5 / $540

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Vibrant Skin Facial

Restore the skin’s balance with our Kojik Acid and AHA treatment. This facial generates a deep action to help reduce wrinkles and sun damage, resulting in bright, clear and even looking skin.

Price: $110